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Get your
shift together.



Now we know that the #1 life skill we need is resilience, and it starts with building mental fitness. Shift Your Mind is training that develops healthy thinking habits to improve resilience and increase our energy in the workplace.

Shift Your Mind is a program that teaches mental health skills based on science and timeless knowledge. It informs us that we are all capable to introduce the small habits that help build resilience.

Unlike a wellness webinar, Shift your Mind is a team sport; 8 x 45 minute weekly group sessions with other colleagues who are ready to kick it up a notch to achieve the thinking habit shift that we all need to make.


We all need our energy back. Shift Your Mind invites those that work together, to discover that we can move together to flourish. It propels all of us to get our shift… together.

Mental fitness is where we are going. You coming?



The Shift Program

In a work environment, everyone is challenged with work-life balance, performance stressors and complexity. We believe that because we work together, we should discover the best tools to build resiliency together.

Shift Your Mind is an 8-week group program providing 1 facilitator-led session per week. These informative and fun 45-minute sessions are conducted over video conference (i.e. Zoom, MS Teams).

2 Parts per Session

Each 45-minute session includes 2 discussion sections:


  • Tools and strategies to build resilience

  • A lesson that encourages the team to incorporate movement into their wellness regimen

It’s a Team Sport

In our sessions, we learn the science behind the tools and habits that lead to our resilience – like positive self-talk, mindfulness, learning from failure and reframing life’s challenges that we all experience.

But that’s just the science. Great teams are built on respect and our mental health depends on the support and respect of others. Shift Your Mind’s group model allows participants to share wisdom and insights to learn from each other’s journeys. It’s this team dynamic that brings the energy and propels participants to flourish.


Shift just
got real.

We all want real results. Our program has produced positive results at organizations in Canada, Europe, India and Japan. Here are a few nuggets from our participant survey:

9 out of 10 identified that it provides strategies that they found helpful to manage mental health


9 out of 10 said they would recommend it to colleagues

9 out of 10 hope to continue to exercise 3-5 days each week

Over 40% voluntary enrollment at our most recent deployment


While we are proud of these results, what our participants tell us is even more telling.


“Shift Your Mind program definitely helped me to get a different perspective. Concepts including what we control and what we don't, resilience and positive self-talk are all very familiar topics. However the way it was put across by the instructor was simply superb. Honestly, I feel I have become a better person in these 2 months and highly recommend others to consider this program.”




“Sharing our experiences, our own coping tips & trick and, most importantly, laughter brought back a simple "connecting with people" moment that it is for sure missed in these times.”


"Shift Your Mind program provided me with techniques to become more resilient, practice mindfulness and provided a practical routine and materials to start becoming a regular walker & pick up runner.”



“This has improved my work and my relationships. Cannot recommend it highly enough!”


in touch.

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